Ujamaa Christian Poetry

king of mercy

I've never had a better boss to serve
than the one who gives me what I don't deserve
When i realize what I've done and said I repent
you always give me the inheritance I've already spent

To think that the king of all makes an audience
for one that's brought him this much offence
and above all you hate my sin but love the man
though I have taken your mercy many times and ran

and how great will it be when I wont need mercy everyday
when forever down at your feet I will lay
when I talk with you I won't have sins to confide
because all day I've been worshiping at your side

and i'll just praise you for what you did
when I was naked in the garden and hid
millions of years ago when I still remembered sin
but can't remember now 'cuz of how long it's been

Written by Richard Phillips


Ujamaa Christian Poetry