Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Prayer for "Divine" Intervention

Jesus "find" me, for I am lost in a wilderness to difficult to navigate on my own.
Jesus "heal" me, for I have been tortured by this life and my wounds are deep.
Jesus "hear" me, for no one else is listening to my cries and I feel alone.
Jesus "forgive" me, for I have sinned greatly against you out of my need.
Jesus "weep" for me, for I have not loved others, nor You, but have put myself first.
Jesus "know" me, for I do not have the understanding of my situation and have become blind to it.
Jesus "enlighten" me, for I am ignorant of Your ways and bound by lies.
Jesus "caress" me, as I long for the touch of truth that lives in You.
Jesus "humble" me and cause my knees to bend in Your direction.
Jesus "restore" me to You, for I have strayed, but not beyond your reach.
Jesus "love" me in the way no one else can with Your undeserved Mercy and Grace.
Jesus"save" me, for I do not have the strength nor wisdom to save myself and could not even if I did.

And on the cross He did all these things just for me and you, for He is Jesus, The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

Written by Pam G. Williams


Ujamaa Christian Poetry