Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Can I shine a light in the world of the blind
And beat a drum to the tune of the deaf?
Can I convince the dumb to speak his mind
And the lame in walk to stretch out his leg?

Can I remedy the torments of a sick mind
And the wandering soul a peaceful rest?
Can I give peace and hope to the grieving child
And make the pauper a rich man's guest?

Can I smile hope into the eyes of the hopeless
And give patience when patience runs out?
Can I tear apart the grips of grief to nothingness
And light up a candle in the midst of a blackout?

Can I give unto mourner's fortitude
And life restore to the one that lies dying?
Can I make the mind of the mad calm and in solitude
And reach out to wipe the tears of the child crying?

Can I reach out a hand to lift the burden of poverty
And bear the load of pain as Jesus did I?
Can I make all live in joy and in sovereignty
As I sit and ask myself… CAN I?

Written by Otse Ogorry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry