Ujamaa Christian Poetry


If not for the Lord who was by my side
When the anger of men against me rose like a tide
Their blazing fury kindled in my direction
And I basked under the phobia of destruction
I would have been swallowed in a wave of emotion
Resting in a world devoid of illusions.

If not for the Lord who was by my side
When men wished in their hearts I should die
Their eyes blazing with contempt and disgust
And I almost lost hope in the One I trust
I would have been lost in a swing of blade
And lying waste in the deep of the grave.

If not for the Lord who was on our side
When the pride of men rose against us like a tide
In their raging fury our lives to swallow
And our hopes not to see the 'morrow
We would have been long cut short
And our families' dear ones lost

If not for the Lord who made our lives
And not proud men who come at us with knives
With their eyes burning like hot coals
And with the daggers to claim us so
We would not have escaped like the bird from the cage
Broken and released from the fowlers rage

Written by Otse Ogorry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry