Ujamaa Christian Poetry


In this world devoid of good
You held and LIFTED me up from the blue

You delivered me from an agonizing pain
And put LAUGHTER on my unworthy face

You saved me from the cold hands of death
And reassured me in Your bosom I will find REST

You LEAD me through the pelting rain
And accepted me back when I transgressed again

You lifted me up above the winds of temptation
HIDING me under Your wing in my tribulations

When I see the vices and schemes of the enemy in view
You lay in my heart there's a REFUGE and fortress in You

Even though I wallow in sin anew
You let me see PEACE I can find in you

You SHIELDED me through war fronts
And showed me HOPE when hopelessness waxed strong

When I curse and revile against You in hate
You smiled on me FORGIVENESS and GRACE

When I'm held bound and I question Your existence
You let me see the little things that tell of Your PRESENCE

When I'm deserted and neglected by all my friends
You hold me in Your bosom and whisper "I'm your BEST FRIEND"

When all around me seem strange
You show me that You are WITHIN RANGE

When loneliness like a thief creeps into my heart
I discover in You I will OVERCOME this plight

When all hope is gone and the world spells doom
I remember your SALVATION and my cause I REST in You

Written by Otse Ogorry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry