Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Living Poetry We Live by

When life seems so grim,
When crises and uncertainty hover around us
When the blood of innocent children moisten the ground where civilizations stand,
When the silent tears of broken hearted mothers whose children were lost to wars, drug dealers , violence, or selfishness …ring in our ears…
I dare to believe your love still speaks.

By faith I shall see the invisible verses stretched out before us
Opening up my spiritual eyes , to see through dark days
Invisible poems encouraging us to walk on .
My ears kept to the ground will listen to silent songs sung by your forgiveness
Telling us about another day, despite all blood, all hate, all violence…
The end is not to come yet… not yet,
For the sun will once again rise up to both good and evil men alike,
To pierce light in our dark dwelling place .

Even if clouded behind an sky of iron ,
I will peer through the gloom and find out wonderful celestial rhymes and metaphor to enchant my spirit.
To prove life to be greater than death in the hearts of those risen up to tell stories of survival and grace.
Because neither ropes of oppression nor fire of war tanks
Will erase this mysterious but marvelous poem we call life, self-nurtured by love.
For we are engraved in Himself,
To prove our existence to be
Written love-letters delivered from eternity ,
Signed and sealed by the great ' I am '.

Written by Obed R. Souza


Ujamaa Christian Poetry