Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Romanced by God

Old fashioned girl, heart set on romance
isn't sure about taking a chance.
Sweet things He spoke with more than a glance,
asking this girl "do you want to dance?"

Blushing coyly, she she gave Him her hand,
butterflies inside, would He understand?
Heavenly music from an angel band,
played her heart strings and what she felt was grand.

Drawing her near, she felt His warm embrace.
Stars lit her eyes, she saw love on His face.
In her own world, there was no time or space
as she was swept to a wonderful place.

Her eyes met His, He whispered in her ear.
"Will you be mine? There is nothing to fear."
"Why'd You choose me?" Her eyes let go a tear.
"Why, my darling? You are precious and dear!"

"Here's my locket, Lord, and here is my key."
"Thank you, my love, here are tokens of Me."
"Keep them inside where they'll be safe, you see."
"Don't let anyone steal these things from thee."

Written by Nancy Sousley


Ujamaa Christian Poetry