Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Faithful and True

God has abundantly bestowed blessings in my life,
and has always been there for me in sorrows and strife.
He has lovingly and wisely kept me through the years,
in spite of foolishness, frailty, headaches and tears.
He has used intervened in many ways to do this task,
and took care of things when with faith in pray'r, our needs I'd ask.

God has been to and for me ev'rything unlike another,
sometimes delegating a job to a sister or brother
who will stand by my side, encourage me and help me to fight
when the way gets tough, I am depressed and have lost His true sight.

There have been numerous times in the night when I stop and think
of how God saw me, pulled me up from the pit where I did sink
sending His Word and Spirit to reach and teach and lift me out.
Glory to His Name for His faithfulness & love! How my heart does shout!

God's been at times my One and Only friend
Who, unlike others, He stays to the end.
My life may have ended in suicide or catastrophe,
if it had not been for His intervention brought down to me.
Thank You, Faithful and True, for all of my burdens that You bear,
for Your mercy, Amazing Grace and all the ways that You care.

Written by Nancy Sousley


Ujamaa Christian Poetry