Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Wake up, my friend! Wipe the sleep from your eyes!
Satan is coming to you in disguise
to make you twist God's Word and believe lies.
Better search your heart deeply, then get wise.

Before your eyes, he's turned darkness to light.
Sense with God's Spirit it's eery sight.
You're walking by the flesh, not doing right
going after the world with all your might.

Wake up, my friend! Now, before it's too late!
Turn from these sins, seek out the narrow gate.
Ask God for help, please do not hesitate.
Satan will bind you more and seal your fate.

You can go on playing, also pretend,
act like it doesn't matter where you'll end.
You can continue in ungodly trend
or repent of it all, your fences mend.

Deceived, yes, but I know His truth you've heard.
You've been preached to, prayed for, you know His Word.
Flee youthful lusts, foolishness, like a bird.
With the Sword of His Spirit, your loins gird.

Written by Nancy Sousley


Ujamaa Christian Poetry