Ujamaa Christian Poetry

That I Might Soar

You took away the crutch
that I had been leaning on.
You bid me run in You
when I could barely walk.
You bid me try my legs
when so down in the dregs.
I decided to trust,
unbelief bit the dust.

You took away the boat
that I had smooth sailing in.
You bid me swim life's sea
when I could barely float.
You bid me move my arms
and not depend on charms.
I decided I could,
and then swam as I should.

You took away the cage
that I stayed safely within.
You bid me soar the sky
when I could barely flap.
You bid me lift each wing
and hope in ev'rything.
I decided I'd try,
and found that I could fly.

That I might run, swim and soar
as a child of God in You,
You called me out of myself,
and showed me what I could do.
That I might be oh-so-much
just trusting You and Your Name,
You bid me prove You therewith,
put me ahead of the game.

Thank You for drawing me out of my shell,
where, in my comfort zone, prefer to dwell,
that I might soar to the Heavens in You
and be made into Your reflection true.

Written by Nancy Sousley


Ujamaa Christian Poetry