Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Enter in, Dear one, into the Holy of Holies.
Don't just enter into My gates with Thanksgiving.
That is the norm, for even a child knows to say "thank you".

Enter in, Beloved, into the Holy of Holies.
Don't just enter into My courts with Praise.
For some praise Me with their lips and their heart is far removed from Me.

Some say "thanks" because it is obligatory.
Some will praise with lying tongue and flattering lips.
Some will go through the motions as man-pleasers or Pharisees.

I want you to gratefully thank Me as you stand at My gates.
I want you to openly praise Me as you enter My courtyards.
Then, go farther, honestly worship Me and enter into My Home,
into the Holy of Holies, where I dwell.

Here you will stand in awe of Me, of Who and What I am.
You will think upon My holiness, wisdom, power and faithfulness.
You will recall prayers answered, needs met, your sins and My forgiveness.
You will then freely worship me with everything within you.
You will lift your hands unto Me, you will adore Me.
You will prostrate yourself before Me in humility and unworthiness,
realizing you are nothing and I am everything.
You will feel Me, as I fill you.
You have arrived where I want you to be, you've entered in!

Written by Nancy Sousley


Ujamaa Christian Poetry