Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Too many, in the world yet fail
Believing Satan's lie
They sit deprived within his jail
In ignorance to die!

God's "Truth" the world has need to eat
God calls us for that reason
All saints should serve His finest wheat
With salt; to duly season

Season to change the very earth
Each soul in darkness found
Raising by grace through second birth
To walk on holy ground

It's not for saints to be at rest
While others die out there
But each is called to give their best
From all God gives to share

We know! The Lord has set us free
God's Salt's in me and you!
We need but shake ourselves to see
What work there's still to do

But dormant salt, will lose its taste
For Jesus' work, no good
He'll throw it out; like worthless waste
And trample down like mud

To stay at home, we've no excuse
The foe; is here to fight
What good is salt when not in use?
But sit there, looking white!

To Christ we live, and so in haste
The "Gospel" should be heard
For as good salt brings out the taste
So saints! Must spread the word…..

Written by Michael Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry