Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Through sin! All flesh will fail to be
Before life's Judge will stand
Who then their loved ones hope to see
Must be in Jesus' hand

Yet oft will speak a broken heart
In times of grief and pain
"From me my loved one had to part
But soon we'll meet again

My spouse has gone, yet true I'll stay
We'll meet again up there
We'll build a home again some day
Wherein our love we'll share"

'Tis but in Christ when born anew   Jn.3:3
When to the flesh we're dead
We'll live just like the angels do
As Jesus Christ has said   Lk.20:36

At home with God, we'll have! no mate
No marriage bonds to tie
There'll be no need to procreate
For none in Heaven die!

Don't think a spouse who's gone before
Is waiting for your hand
There'll be no wedlock anymore
This truth's to understand

Our home won't be the same as earth
There'll be no graves to see
No weddings, pain, no death or birth
For those the Lord set free

But take the Father at His word
No reason for despair
No eye has seen, nor ear has heard   1Cor.2:9
What waits for us up there?

Written by Michael Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry