Ujamaa Christian Poetry


When ill at ease, when down and out
When sad; beyond compare
When trust has gone, when full of doubt
Is Satan's evil share

Complacent! Life will pass us by
No fruits to show the Lord
Like fools; we too are bound to die
To feel the Judge's sword

God's truth, the devil seeks to steal
To bring about our fall
He wants us think he isn't real
No demons live at all

The devil is a lying cheat
In him, no truth is found
The chaff; is his, but not the wheat
For wheat, is Heaven bound

Though weak, or strong, though dull or wise
He'll try us night and day
We never know in which disguise
He'll come to lead astray

Too oft we think it's just no good
We'll never make the grade
Our purest thoughts, he turns to mud
Where brightest lamps; can fade

We must take captive every thought
The devil brings to mind
For every one that isn't caught
He'll use; to keep us blind

Yet when God's Spirit dwells inside
We're greater; than the cheat
God's mighty arm will turn the tide
Through Christ! The devil's beat.

Written by Michael Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry