Ujamaa Christian Poetry


The day You came and we were wed
I drank Salvation's wine
Such joy I felt as darkness fled
When Jesus' love was mine

I spoke to You in silent prayer
You severed Satan's ties
When chains fell off whilst sitting there
This child began to rise!

A sight beyond my wildest dreams
Suspended in mid air
I felt Your power flow in streams
Floating above my chair

I heard the voice of Christ on high
"Receive your life anew"
You know My God I tell no lie
These words of mine are true

That day You shared with me Your word
I felt Your warm embrace
Inside my room I felt and heard
Your Wind sweep round my face

I'd never heard Your voice before
I'd failed to know Your love
Till when I opened wide my door
For Jesus' Promised Dove

On gracious wings he came to me
His Flame was warm to touch
I bless the day You set me free
And gave this child so much

How oft I've thought, can this be true?
Electric floods my veins
Your Spirit makes me daily new
Since Heaven truly reigns…

Written by Michael Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry