Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Whole Heartily Salty

Following Christ can be risky,
trying, testy, even frisky.
Following Him, and change is costly.
Following Him can also be deadly.

We are to be in total submission to Him.
We are to lose all worldly ambition for Him.
In the world where there is good,
we need to embrace it like Jesus would.

We need to savor and spread Christ's favor
like salt in our foods bringing us flavor.
For salt preserves the food we eat.
Our spice sends light to those we meet.

A man in construction will plan his plot.
A warrior in war will perfect his shot.
They'll be precise and accurate.
They'll be models and moderate.

Just as we should when we follow Christ.
Just as we should when we focus on Christ.
If we give Him our heart, body, and soul,
He'll reward us abundantly at His Super Bowl!

Written by Carol Meeks


Ujamaa Christian Poetry