Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Where is God?

A person loses a job;
A family member dies;
A house is consumed by fire-
Where is God?

A man's body decays with cancer;
A mother kills her unborn babe;
A flood wrecks a city-
Where is God?

A teenager shoots a classmate;
A young girl is raped;
A country's crops are destroyed by drought-
Where is God?

A man suffers a fatal heart attack;
A woman is hooked on drugs;
An earthquake swallows a city-
Where is God?

Someone commits suicide;
A rescuer drowns saving a victim;
A ship sinks in a storm-
Where is God?

A daughter rebels;
A son revolts;
A parent deserts-
Where is God?

A church is robbed;
A bomb shatters a business;
An immoral president reigns-
Where is God?

A little child is fatherless;
Countries go to war;
Lightning strikes a mortal-
Where is God?

Parents are too busy to raise their own children;
Children are running away from home;
A Christian is beaten because of faith-
Where is God?

A married couple divorces;
A plane crashes with no survivors;
A boy is buried in an avalanche-
Where is God?

A drunk driver murders someone;
A mother hates a father;
A mud slide buries a city-
Where is God?

God is in the rainbow;
God is in the rose;
God is in the innocent baby
Sleeping in sweet repose.

God is in the sunshine;
God is in a friendly smile;
God is in the servant
Who goes the extra mile.

God is in the garden;
God is in the mountain floors;
God is in the ocean's waves
Crashing against the shore.

God is in His heaven'
God is in a believer's heart;
God is available
To give anyone a new start.

God allows the disaster;
God allows the pain;
God allows the destruction
That occurs from sins' stains.

God in never absent;
God is always there;
Waiting, patiently waiting
For each person's prayer.

God speaks in the midst of the problem;
God speaks within the rain;
God speaks if we'll only listen
To his still, small voice that sustains.

God knows to get our attention
He needs to show us Who's in charge:
With some, it only takes a nudge,
But with others, it takes a barge.

So, the next time in your life
A problem to you does occur--
Remember it may be God speaking
A lesson you, His way, must learn!

Written by Marlene Kaye Bonney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry