Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Does God Cry?

When sparrow falls from yonder tree,
Or you and I trip to our knees,
When young children become sickly
And teens act out in misery?

When wars are waged upon our shores
And men are killed for nothing more
Than humans' greedy hearts' desires
And widows alone tend home fires?

When a brother hates a brother
And a neighbor sues a neighbor;
When a wife is betrayed by spouse
Or a husband kicked from his house?

When kids are hungry and starving
And parents have no jobs paying
When corruption at high levels
Most likely honors the devil?

When storms and earthquakes destroy life
And humans work and toil in strife
When fires ruin and drought hits
And not a one cares or submits?

When justice seems not to prevail
And no more room is in our jails
When evil crimes are committed
And duties are not considered?

When free love reigns and spouses split
And our free choices won't commit;
When His Word is never followed
But, instead, the world's views lauded?

When He refused to interfere
So that we can choose to revere
And watches us destroy our hearts
As we reject His perfect part?

I think God cries!

Written by Marlene Kaye Bonney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry