Ujamaa Christian Poetry

your hearts his home

Open your heart my King is coming
He wants to live with you,
We tried to persuade Him otherwise,
but He said your heart will do.

We visited great temples
fully furnished with gold.
We insisted that He stay there,
but He repeatedly said NO.

We took Him to the coasts.
The houses took our breath away,
but our Master turned to us and said,
'This is not where I want to stay'

We strolled through the finest cities,
and found a beautiful retreat.
But when we turned to see if He'd consider,
He was half way down the street.

We came across a mansion,
Sitting high upon a hill,
and although our Master has the money
He refused to pay the bill.

Then suddenly He smiled;
stoped and turned His head.
'Finally my search is over',
that's exactly what He said.

When we turned we saw this broken heart,
and nothing else insight.
We looked at each other in disbelief,
Surely this can't be right?

We had visited every place fit for a king,
the finest and most expensive.
But for some reason your heart stood out,
He said 'it's quite impressive,

This is where I want to live,
I want this to be my home'.
We could not understand,
because This heart was made of stone.

'I will make this my castle', He said,
'my temple and retreat'.
And he began building and renewing it,
and the heart began to beat

To see it come to life,
We began to understand,
Our Lord did not care bout treasures,
He only cared about man.

He created the entire universe,
and he could have lived in any part.
But listen closely because The KING of kings,
Wants to live inside your heart.

So, open the door because my King is coming,
and He wants to live with you.
He can build you up so you'll never break
He can make your heart brand new!!!!!

Written by Mark Stehlin


Ujamaa Christian Poetry