Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Lord Please Deliver This Baby

The pain my God has intensified
How much more can I take
This travailing and groaning is gripping me
With every move I make

When I move to the right . . . The pain is there
It just won't let me be
When I try and turn . . . Lord to my left
It just rings inside of me

Please bring your children to your Throne
Before it's all too late
And the antichrist comes and DECEIVES them all
And THEN it will be too late

When Zion travails she'll birth her seed
Her children WILL come forth
You'll find them coming from all directions
From the East, West, South, and North

Your children WILL become AS ONE
For KING JESUS He will reign
Then all my labor will be forgotten
Yes each and every pain

For just the JOY of that GREAT DAY
Will make it all worthwhile
So Father please deliver this baby
Bring forth this baby child


Written by Margie Epps


Ujamaa Christian Poetry