Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Draw Me Into Your Chamber

I hear you Lord...
I hear you...
Calling out my name
I smell the aroma of your fragrance
Oh I see you Lord so plain

Adorned in Splendor...Clothed in Might
Your scepter in your hand
Extended out to beckon me
In your presence to come and stand

As I move in closer Lord to thee
Just to feel your touch
The brilliance of your light shines forth
But the Glory is just too much

I can not stand before you Lord
Your Love is Oh so strong
But in your chamber...Close to you
That's where I do belong

To kiss you Lord...To hold you
To embrace you in my arms
To whisper words of adoration
To overshadow you with charms

Draw me Lord to your chamber
I desire to know you more
The outer courts Lord, just won't do
I'm coming through the door

Yeshua my Messiah
I know you are the way
The Firstfruits for this dying world
No matter what they say

I'm coming Lord, I'm coming
I will not let you down
Your sweet music is in my spirit
And what a melodious sound

It's the sound of worship...It's the sound of praise
That's drawing me so near
Yeshua my Messiah
There's nothing Lord to fear

Your outstretched arms are open wide
For all who'll dare to come
I'm coming Lord, I'm coming
Your long awaited Bride

Written by Margie Epps


Ujamaa Christian Poetry