Ujamaa Christian Poetry

How Wonderous Are Your Ways

When I think about YOUR MAJESTY
As you sit upon the throne
When I reflect upon YOUR HOLINESS
All the splendor that is shown

With all the angels gathered round
To WORSHIP at your feet
This joy, it can't be beat

Who in this world is like unto you
My Father and my Lord
Nothing else compares to you
There're simply no matching chords

You are my music, my melody
You're the song that I will sing
From now until eternity
Hallelujahs will always ring

I see the trees, they bow to you
They acknowledge who you are
The birds they sing so loud and clear
Even though they may be far

How WONDROUS are your ways dear Lord
That's what I hear them say
They shout it over and over again
Continuously throughout the day

If they can do it so must I
With every breath I take
A habitation, a dwelling place
For you, I've got to make

In the midst of PRAISE, that's where you'll be
That's what your word declares
Come on down my Lord my God
Come fellowship with me

All I have to offer you
Is PRAISE from down within
You're all I have to hold on to
My heart I know you'll mend

I know your ways are not like mine
Your thoughts are far above
Your outstretched arms keep pulling me
To hearken to your love

I've tried and tried so many times
To figure out your plan
But if you told me everything
You know I would have ran

How WONDROUS are your ways dear Lord
You know what's best for me
Come higher child, I hear you call
My Love will set you free

Written by Margie Epps


Ujamaa Christian Poetry