Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Eyes To See..... And Ears To Hear

Come on don't you hear Him calling
Oh yes He's calling you by your name
There's no need to try to hide from Him
Because He's mastered all your games

See He knows your heart
Yes He can read your mind
And yes He knows what's deep within
So don't even try to duck from Him
He's already aware of all your sin

That's why Jesus paid such an awesome price
Oh yes . . . Just to set you free
My friend there's only just one requirement
And I pray that you can see

Just envision the nail prints in His Hands
SEE the STRIPES upon his back
HEAR His chilling deep cries of AGONY
And without a doubt . . . KNOW that it's a fact

That He was BRUISED for all our iniquities
And all our sins my Lord did bear
Don't you know the Father loves this world so much
And that for you and I . . . He cares

Oh yes . . . He cares about your eternal soul
And He desires that NONE be lost
That is why He extends the invitation
No need to worry about the cost

Because JESUS paid an awesome price
Yes He did . . . For ALL who would believe
So that is why RIGHT NOW while you have the time
I pray that *HIM* you will receive

May you have EYES to SEE
And oh yes EARS to HEAR
Because He's calling out your name
And then if you still refuse Him . . .
My friend there will be none else to blame!

Written by Margie Epps


Ujamaa Christian Poetry