Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Seeing Him First

(This poem is dedicated to Pat Hambrick who spoke many of the thoughts
that are brought out in these verses. I would like to think that God
inspired both of us.)

She stood by his bedside and sadly looked down;
He barely was breathing, but the ends of her frown
Were changed to a smile; she abandoned despair
As her thoughts turned to heaven; she pictured him there.

She thought back a few years when her husband was lost.
She had prayed every night; it was well worth the cost.
Now thanks to God's grace (she gave him a glance)
He would get to see Jesus 'fore she got the chance.

She felt of his forehead and patted his arm
And kissed him for surely it did him no harm.
She spoke out the words saying, "You'll see him first"
Then smiling, she felt that her own heart would burst.

Well, miracles happen, and to her surprise
She heard his weak voice as he opened his eyes.
"I know that I'll see Him; we'll meet face to face,
But I've already seen Him," and he smiled (just a trace).

She started to challenge his words when he said,
"I've seen Him in you as you knelt by my bed.
Through each painful moment, how clearly I see
The Savior in you as you've waited on me."

He then closed his eyes, and the hint of a smile
Was left on his face as he passed the last mile.
He was greeting the Savior-that joy they would share
When his so faithful partner would join him up there.

Then she pushed back his hair and smoothed out his shirt
And kissed him again knowing it could not hurt.
She had been through it all--to the best from the worst-
And she envied a little that he'd seen Him first.

Written by Mac Wilkey


Ujamaa Christian Poetry