Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Don't Believe; I Can't Believe

Many thought their prayers were answered
As he rose and walked the aisle.
They almost stopped their singing
For they had waited quite a while.

As the preacher reached to greet him,
He sharply turned and looked away.
His signal stopped the music,
And his words caused such dismay.

"I don't believe; I can't believe.
You know how hard I've tried.
I can't believe the gospel;
Its truth I have denied.

"The preacher's word are surely clear;
The lacking is in me.
I can't believe a Holy God
Would ever die for me

Each member of the church came forth;
They stopped and tried to share
The reasons why their faith was real
How they knew God did care.

His wife and daughter also came--
Their love a certainty.
They hugged the hopeless father,
And prayed that he could see.

"I don't believe; I can't believe;
Your words I don't deny.
I know that each of you believes;
I know you wouldn't lie.

"But what if you're mistaken.
No one would die for me.
I don't believe; I can't believe;
I doubt I'll ever see.

His little daughter took his hand;
He turned to face the crowd.
If one of you would die for me,
Then please just tell me now.

Each one he looked at looked away;
He looked down in dismay,
And saw his daughter's precious lips
And heard her sweetly say,

"I'd die for you; I know I would
If I could save your soul.
You can believe; you must believe
Because I love you so.

The man was shaken to his knees;
Belief came rushing in.
I can believe; I do believe;
A sinner saved from sin!

Is there one who is watching you?
Who daily checks your walk.
To see if faith has change your life--
Not just the way you talk.

Can you step forth and meet his gaze?
Or must you look away?
Will you give strength to all his doubts?
Or will your actions say,

"I do believe, I do believe;
You must believe him, too..
He is the only hope we have;
He truly died for you

Written by Mac Wilkey


Ujamaa Christian Poetry