Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Let Me See the Hedge

Once when I struggled and floundered about
When I heard Satan allege,
"He doesn't care what might happen to you."
God let me see the hedge.

Satan had not even made it inside;
Only his words made it through--
Speaking as if he had total control,
But talking was all he could do.

The hedge was so thick even Satan's long arms
Could never reach me inside.
The hedge reached to Heaven; no one came across
Though many demons had tried.

Yet there were those who roamed freely within
Looking to cause me some harm.
Somehow the danger was under control-
I wasn't filled with alarm.

If God who planned and had built such a hedge
Let some deceivers inside,
Surely He must have retained His control-
Clearly old Satan had lied.

When God permits Satan's envoys within,
He limits what they can do,
And only good can result when my God
Has my whole world in His view.

Now when some sickness or hurt causes pain,
I'll trust what God has in store.
Never forgetting that He's in control,
I see the hedge like before.

Written by Mac Wilkey


Ujamaa Christian Poetry