Ujamaa Christian Poetry


When I was a little girl
I went with Mom to visit my aunt,
My Mother was very nervous
To drive over the railroad tracks.

I was fairly quiet
Sitting in the back,
What could be so bad
They're just railroad tracks.

She said she was always worried
That a train would come along,
And maybe she would panic
And so something terribly wrong.

I said "Mom what would happen
If a train hit our car"
She answered that we could wind up dead
Be crippled or terribly scared.

I pondered this a moment
As it didn't bother me,
To end up dead or in a hospital
This problem I could not see.

I said "If you end up in the hospital
the Doctors will make you well,
And if you die and go to heaven
Then God will make you smile".

A child's faith is wonderful
And we should all be in awe,
Hospital or Heaven
There is no problem at all.

Written by Lynn Barany


Ujamaa Christian Poetry