Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Finding it All

We search to win life's battles, to climb Mount Everest,
To give our best in all we do, and let God do all the rest.

We learn of power, strength, and might - searching for victory;
Determining to not give up the fight, as it maps our destiny.

We search to be more Christ-like, in all we say and do,
And to reach out to help others by using the Master's tools.

We find, to overcome Satan and the storms that rage within,
When sea monsters come to shore, we can always run to Him.

We search for happiness (of a lasting kind)
And know that, even through trials, pure joy we can always find.

We search for Heaven's treasures. We fight the roaring sea.
We search for Peace, Hope, and Love - and find it all in Thee.

Written by Joyce C. Lock


Ujamaa Christian Poetry