Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Empowered to Make a Difference

I'm a woman of royalty, bearing the gift of gold
and because I have Christ, there is beauty to behold.
I'm a woman both fearfully and wonderfully made,
I know this to be true because my debt Christ paid.

I'm a woman of God being tried by the fire,
to come through, as pure gold is my heart's desire.
they tell me favor is deceitful and beauty is vain,
and in this life there's going to be some pain.

My world may be hectic and I feel at times insane,
but I don't mind because up the road is my eternal gain.
I'm a woman created to be man's mate,
the woman through whom new life we can create.

From man was I taken to comfort and console,
but it was my Lord Jesus that made me whole.
The power to survive in a world of pain and strife,
God gave to me when he gave me new life.

Don't settle for a defeated life with no power,
Fight the good fight in this final hour.
God has given me power that you can't see at a glance,
The power to no longer be a victim of life's circumstance.

You see I'm a woman who was robbed of her innocence
But God has empowered me to make a difference.

Written by Paula Little


Ujamaa Christian Poetry