Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Who's Your Daddy?

My daddy is a man brave and strong.

My daddy will love me even when I do wrong.

My daddy keeps the monsters away at night.

My daddy hugs and tells me everything will be all right.

My daddy is there for me when I need him most.

He is a diligent solider always ready and at his post.

He has many duties and is busy most of the time.

But for me he'll stop what he is doing this daddy of mine.

When I call for help he comes right away.

Anytime whether it be night or day.

He has many children not just me.

There are a lot of us in my family.

My daddy lives forever and never grows old.

He's been here for thousands of years as I am told.

God is our daddy of that you can be sure.

For any of life's issues his love is definitely the cure.

We are all related brothers, and sisters you and I.

We are heirs and joint heirs of the King Most High.

Written by Paula Little


Ujamaa Christian Poetry