Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Firstborn

Where are you the daughter of my womb?
Are you scared, afraid, or lying in a tomb?
What happened to make you go astray?
Did I forget to love you or show you the way?

Did someone hurt you and cause you too much pain?
When talking to God did I forget to call your name?
As you grew older we grew apart,
But you have never left that special place in my heart.

I see you determined to go your own way.
To do what you want and say what you want to say.
You run from the knowledge and the Godly teachings you were taught
But please understand that all the fish in God's ocean, one day get caught.

So go on, find your own way and walk your own walk
I'll be here waiting when you want to talk.
God knew you long before I did
He knows the exact spot where and when you hid.

You are a part of me and deeply embedded in my soul
As Christ is in us both - HIS final story will be told.
Run while you can and sing the, "Nobody loves me song"
For he is soon to come back for his children and it won't be long.

I urge you with all haste and a mother's love
To let God's love fill and fit you like a glove.
To let him in to your hidden places
To let him heal all the broken spaces.

To let him show you his perfect peace
The demons and chains that bind you, he will release.
He can fix and love you like no other
Take it from me I know; Remember I am your Mother.

God told me that you will be all right
As I warred in the spirit and cried all night.
He said, "give her to me let me carry her awhile"
I said, "I love her God this is my baby, my child.

He said, "I loved her first and do you trust me?"
I said, "Yes, and I know you will protect her and set her free.
My firstborn, my beautiful daughter, my baby so full of many emotions
Know this, he who has started a good work in you will see it to completion.

I give you to God; I know it is finished; It is done!
The devil has lost and another victory God has Won!

Written by Paula Little


Ujamaa Christian Poetry