Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Daughter of Mine

Daughter of mine how I love you so.
How much you'll never know.
I've watched you grow over the years,
Through heartaches, laughter and tears.

You're so beautiful a replica of your dad and me
I am so proud of you can't you see?
Your eyes are truly the mirrors of your soul,
Through them I can see a young girl grown old.

I would ease the care of this world that you carry,
I would keep you home and safe until you marry.
I would protect you from hurt, danger or harm
I would rock you gently in my loving arms.

I pray that you will open your eyes and see,
How very much you resemble me.
I don't want you to hurt a day in life.
I would spare you the pain, and strife.

Yes, I yell, scream, holler and preach,
But it's your soul I am trying to reach.
To save you from the same mistakes I made
To help you see the high price HE paid.

God loves you as much as I do if not more
The sins of the world for us he bore.
He gave his life that we might live
And each other to always forgive.

Please wake up and look around.
Place your feet on solid ground
God is waiting to forgive your sin
But only if you allow him in!

In him you will always find.
Love, hope, strength, trust and peace
oh Daughter of Mine.

Written by Paula Little


Ujamaa Christian Poetry