Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Abba Father, hear my confession.
My sins are manifold,
sins which are the idols of my heart,
but which are laid bare to you.
The all-consuming fire of lust
has lain my heart desolate
and anguished my soul.
My sins are as immense as the sea.

As my eye of faith
rested upon a vision
of your holiness,
I saw the outcast state
of my sinful soul.
Filled with forebodings
of the nether gloom
of eternal doom,
my heart fainted
and gave way.

Sovereign Lord, you are full of compassion:
while my heart was dark with clouds,
whose crystal drops fell on my soul,
you hung your covenant bow
over sin's threatening cloud,
to prophesy the rising
of the sun of righteousness in my heart,
to dissolve my fears.

You looked upon the rainbow in the cloud,
and reckoned for my sins in Christ;
Then bade me only to confess my misdoings.

Now I am come to the living fountain,
The blood of sprinkling,
by which my sins are atoned for.

Mighty Lord, You are merciful and gracious:
You put my sins away like a thick cloud,
then bade me only to confess my transgressions.

Written by Kodi Azuonye


Ujamaa Christian Poetry