Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Prodigal Christian

I am weak
and feeble
and weary
on my scabbed, dirt filled, bloody skin peeled knees.
Just need a drop of Your satisfying never running dry wa...
cause I'm painfully
"Ohhhh..." my soul cries the agony
sufferingly thirsty.
My cracked feet are sore from
all this staggering and stumbling
in this hot hell raging fire
roller coastering
small narrow path called the Christian life.
I am trying (although I 'm tired)
I'm still trying
wtih every molecule
and dust particle within me to keep going, but this
web of fatigue and exhaustion has trapped me.
Trapped me and caged me
into this deep dark pit of a death grave.
And death's calling my name.

Have mercy on my soul
oh my Lord.
I have stumbled and I have failed, but I refuse
Lord, I refuse to fall and backslide after You've brought me through.
But still I weep.
I shed my bloody tears
'cause I'm still sufferingly thirsty.
But as I wipe my sullen face of sorrow,
I look up from my griefed and vexed eyes
to see Your golden wings of deliverance.
I see Your light in flight
and my soul is the destination.
I see You Lord,
and I say "Yes."
Yes, to Your loving wide open arms to welcome me.
Yes, I'm coming out from this deep dark pit of a death grave
and I'm coming home to everlasting life in You.
Take me, fly me
on Your chariot wings.
And again I say "Yes."
for I am coming home to You
my sweet Jesus.

Written by Keda Jeantine'


Ujamaa Christian Poetry