Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Virtuous Woman

As one I am complete          (Genesis ch. 2 vs 22-23)
together we are whole          (1st Corinthians Ch. 11 vs. 11-12 & Genesis ch. 2 vs. 24)
blessed with a body of temple
with a love woth more than gold

A price far beyond rubies          (Prov. Ch. 31 vs.10)
love sweeter than honey
nurturer of God's creation          (Genesis Ch. 3 vs. 20)
the object of Man's affection

A fountain of many blessings          (Prov. Ch. 5 vs. 18)
what a lonely heart is missing
a prized trophy of a champion          (Prov. Ch. 31 vs. 23)
Man's highly cherished companion

The beauty to forever praise
breasts made to satisfy always          (Prov. Ch. 5 vs. 19)
the purpose of Man's search
and the beloved mother of the Earth

I know
who I am
I am proud to be the virtuous woman.          (Prov. Ch. 31 vs. 30-31)

Written by Keda Jeantine'


Ujamaa Christian Poetry