Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Joy Unto You, Muslim Women in America

Joy on earth unto you while in our capitalistic land
Where charity is evident as deemed by gestures grand.
Make no mistake, you're welcome here--
Have fun in naming a carnival bear.*
We hope you're happy and prosper
As long as you agree to adhere
By our laws founded with a united Christian hand.

Embrace the bread of life that you're offered to taste,
Knowing God's rights for you are by law encased.
You're free to pursue your own special fate,
Free to engage in any debate.
Say what you will but please avoid hate.
Share your beliefs but don't misstate
Why Jesus by His death for our sins was disgraced.

Open your mind to face whatever you find to be true.
Be free from fear if you wish to transform your view.
You believe Jesus lived without blame--
A virgin-borne miracle no other can claim.
He revealed Himself as the Son of God who came
For all mankind to give eternal life in His name.
If He beckons your heart, joy in heaven be unto you.

*reference to Gillian Gibbons in Khartoum, Sudan

Written by Kara L. Kraemer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry