Ujamaa Christian Poetry

America has Become Great Under Her Belief in God

If ever a country was good, If ever a country grew mighty in Christian belief,
It's America. God has blest America.
Whenever a country needs strength, Whenever a country needs help or relief,
It looks to America, to God's country of America.
How is it one country, a new country, has surged elementarily so high?
Could it be the roots to which she has remained voluntarily tied?

Knowledge that America, under biblical precepts, would excel
Is what prompted Madison to search for solutions in the Bible.
So proposed he the Perfect Governor which we imbue
Of the equation found in Isaiah 33:22.
The Bible gives rules of conduct how for to the Master glorify, (Sherman)
Giving our citizens powerful influence and blessings from on high. (Paca)

Civil and cultural notions also within society's heart
Were permeated with love for Jesus at the very start. (Noah Webster)
Our constitution, for example, was written under God and His freedom's fate;
Its Christian principles guided America on her way to being great; (Hamilton)
And since morality in men was needed to uphold its wisdom,
To Jesus they aspired as author of morality's greatest system. (Jefferson)

It is true that upon a solid rock was built piece by piece this great nation,
Giving it the best security for a free government's duration.
This recognition moved Daniel Webster at Plymouth Rock to comment,
'Never our journey in religious origins should we abandon or forget.'
It is to God for protection and favor we humbly implore. (Washington)
Thus, our protection was divinely marked by our founders' prayer rapport. (Franklin)

Anything crumbles and topples should it undermine its own foundation.
Sadly, as years have passed, many do want in change the moral aspects of our nation,
Not understanding that if ever America ceases to be good,
Ignoring Jesus, morality, and precepts for which she has stood,
She will then cease to be great. (Tocqueville)
~ Dear God, I pray You help us before it's too late.

(As we dismiss our traditions, 70% of Americans see their country as heading in the wrong direction.)

Written by Kara L. Kraemer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry