Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Glorious World Restored

I see the mountains all covered with snow
Shimmering, glimmering,
Sun's artistry aglow.
Designed by a Master with efforts of care,
Nurtured in harmony, a worldly affair.

Complex in detail, vast beyond mortal mind
Whirling, twirling,
Planets placed and aligned.
Through an iris or a monarch or a snowflakes' parade,
God's glory and wonder and mystery displayed.

Clouds with their raindrops, the promise of a bow
Willowing, billowing,
As the rivers doth flow.
Fruit trees and grapevines flourish on land
To nourish us hardily, approved by His hand.

A system once marred and His Son sent to heal,
Emmanuel abiding,
An earnest appeal.
Witness to creation and witness for you,
Jesus avails an invitation toward a world born anew.

Written by Kara L. Kraemer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry