Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A New Beginning is on the Horizon

The sands of history are flowing through the halls of time
Headed with a purpose toward this world's redemption sign,
'til the Master calls us yonder and we hear His "Come and dine,"
We wait at Kingdom's door.

Stewards of the earth and fishers for the souls of man,
Guided by His Word, we run the race as best we can,
To declare His glory onward with ignited flames we fan.
In heaven, our treasures store.

With signs and wonders as foretold, we know the end is near.
The fig tree has re-blossomed and the prophecies made clear.
The Arab-Israeli tumult presses on each passing year
Until the great and final war.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Church is up and on the rise.
We will meet the blessed Savior at a time of quick surprise.
Earth will tremble and heaven rejoice for broken captive ties,
Broken by the cross He once bore.

The seas roar jubilantly and the fields His splendor claim.
All ascribe the power of His truth and His glory now in fame.
No doubt about the majesty of His anointed name
Which Was, Is, Shall Be forevermore.

Written by Kara L. Kraemer


Ujamaa Christian Poetry