Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Oh What Wonder

Oh what wonder that Mighty God,
Creator of the great wide universe,
Should look on me with favor,
That He should seek me first.

That I, who wandered lost in sin,
Should hear Him calling me;
When Yet I had no thought of Him,
He gave His life to set me free.

How excellent are His ways of love,
As suitor of my careless soul;
He wooed by giving of Himself,
Imparting grace to make me whole.

Free to fall upon my knees,
In awe and humble adoration,
Present myself, His slave through love,
My life His burnt oblation;

Make loud my voice in praises raised
To my Redeemer, lover, King,
Glorify my Lord forever
'Neath the shelter of His righteous wing.

Written by Joyce Guy


Ujamaa Christian Poetry