Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I came up to a crossroads
And had to make a choice,
I asked God for His guidance
Then I heard an angel's voice.

You can take the path that's easy
Where life is filled with fun,
No-one there to check you
When a hurtful thing you've done.

You can think just of yourself,
Go seeking useless fame;
Will that bring you happiness
If you play this selfish game?

If you choose the other road
You'll always do whats fair,
Consider those whose lives are sad
Help broken hearts repair.

Some many take advantage
Of the kindness that you show,
But turn the other cheek
As along life's road you go.

The things that really matter
Are the simple things in life,
Bringing pure contentment,
Free from stress and strife.

The choice is yours alone
The angel said to me;
One road leads to sorrow,
The right road sets you free.

Written by Marian Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry