Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God's Work

God's presence is all around
His work seen everywhere,
In many coloured flowers
Perfumed with such care.

On the highest mountains,
The valleys and the glens,
His voice is loud and clear
Across the windswept fens.

Deep within the forest
Beneath the tallest trees,
He finds a place for bluebells,
To protect them from a breeze.

Beside a babbling brook
You can hear the song He sings,
Ever rippling, ever flowing,
Murmuring a thousand things.

God's work here on the land,
Is seen in every season
And everything He planned
Was created for a reason.

He gave the earth to man,
A gift from Heaven above,
God's work is never done
As He touches us with love.

Written by Marian Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry