Ujamaa Christian Poetry


In Him we come in Him we live
In Him our heart should be
In Him we learn ourselves to give
We learn The Truth to see

When truth is truly yours and mine
When love rules heart and mind
When grafted firmly in The Vine
We seek God's will to find

We find that He's the only Way
We find He's Heaven's Door
We find in Him our bread each day
And life forever more

Our daily strength our trusted guide
The route to walk the earth
The Fire that burns the filth inside
That leads to second birth

There's peace within His mighty hand
Tremendous joy and love
There's strength when in His name we stand
And hope to reign above

In Him we trust to pass life's test
Wisdom to see us through
There's faith to find eternal rest
And love in all we do

He is the reason man was planned
The reason not to fall
The reason man can understand
He's the cause of it all

He is the reason man is free
The Lamb God sacrificed
He is The Light how eyes can see
The One called Jesus Christ

Written by Michael P. Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry