Ujamaa Christian Poetry


"What did I say what have I done?
What way did I pursue?
However far I choose to run
Yet suddenly there's You

Suddenly always, You'll appear
No matter where I'll be
Turn right turn left and without fear
Your presence there I'll see

What excellence was my intent?
What thought concerned my mind?
What good to man did I invent?
That life in You I'd find

Through crying, laughing, joy and gloom
You'd stick to me like glue
I'd lock myself inside my room
Where suddenly there's You

My life my breath is in Your hand
My eyes are trained above
Yet still I fail to understand?
The reason of Your love

You chose me steeped in wanton lust
You touched my heart of stone
You rearranged this heap of dust
You changed this flesh and bone

Suddenly eyes once blind could see
Suddenly truth was found
Suddenly that was aimed for me
Fell harmless to the ground

I've hope I've faith I'm saved and blessed
My life will see no end
How can the world this truth digest?
So she her knee would bend.

Written by Michael P. Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry