Ujamaa Christian Poetry


"To earth I came a mere child
To die that you may live
That you can now be reconciled
To Him who loves to give

I am your God for you I care
I long to meet your need
But when you shun my house of prayer
My heart begins to bleed

So why not heed my quiet voice?
The truth that speaks to you
Rise up and come make me your choice
My Flame will make you new

Child don't you know I love you so?
I made you with my hand
Come drink of me that you may grow
Come live as always planned

A day will dawn when all will shake
When those not mine will fall
They'll burn forever in the lake
For heeding not my call

I call to you I love so dear
Come now and be my bride
Allow me take your doubts and fear
Invite my Flame inside

A robe of light I'll give to wear
Give me your heart of stone
For I've no wish your love to share
But want you for my own

A crown I'll give my righteous wife
Upon your hand my ring
With me my love eternal life
Salvation's song to sing"

Written by Michael P. Johnson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry