Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Christmas Gifts

Last night, my little boy
told me he'd been bad
and he didn't think that he deserved
the Christmas gifts I had.

I paused a moment to say a prayer,
I asked for wisdom and strength -
I took a deep breath and pulled him close
and then I began to speak.

Sweet boy, I know you think
gifts come when you behave
but these gifts I have for you
I will never take away.

Little one, the bitter truth
is none of us are worthy.
But despite our flaws and shortcomings
God grants His love and mercy.

These little gifts I have for you
are just a token of the truth
that the ultimate gift is Jesus Christ
who died for me and you.

So take these gifts in the name of God;
give Him glory and praise.
For it was His only Son,
whom from the dead, he raised.

Christmas gifts are meant to be
a symbol of God's love,
not by deeds, but instead by grace
were we saved by His only Son.

Written by Jody Gomez


Ujamaa Christian Poetry