Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Soul Draws Near to Thee

So many souls are wondering
Why this old soldier never cries
Never speaks of fear, clutches faith
Never gives up to on his humble dreams

It's because I have drawn near to Thy light
Life and death, a struggle forever entertained
Yes, that beautiful light God has provided
Goes far beyond the Earthly pain I have known

It's very important that I tell you,
Since some of you will never understand -
That death and life, life and death ... and between,
Is but a brief struggle, interrupting escaping time

For some death is the Pit in which we burn
For some life is the Pit in which we live
For some death is a final flicker of our lives
For me, life and death, draws me nearer to Thee

In time you will know, I pray ...
It matters how well you have lived ...
Choices you have made or avoided,
Will draw you away from, or nearer to Thee

This beautiful ribbon of life I cling to
Will some day, shrivel up and fade away
Some day, I humbly pray Precious Lord
My soul will walk nearer to Thee

Written by Jimmy L. Holder


Ujamaa Christian Poetry