Ujamaa Christian Poetry

He's Been With Me All Along

I know You are here with me Lord
so many burdens have I borne
so many rivers have I crossed
so many terrible miles have I walked.

I know You speak to me Lord
so many tribulations have I borne
so many evil prophets, have I faced
so much blood have I spilt for You Lord.

I know You guide me Lord
in this journey, I am never alone
this pain I carry, you give Your healing breath
to soothe all my Earthly anguish and distress.

I know You call to me Precious Lord
a Mother Angel here on Earth you provide
to direct me to calm meadows and rainbows
my formidable burden I have borne, not alone.

I know You have forgiven my mistakes Lord
so many times have I stood beaten and confused
so many times have I been lost Lord, lonely ...
but, I know. You have been with me all along.

I know You have showed me my path Lord
only You Lord, can take me to the mountain top
only You Lord, can calm this pain and fear I've borne
only You Lord, have walked with me all along.

I know You are my sword My Lord
so many evil spirits don't stand a chance
so many doom sayers, You've tamed and humbled
so many times I've called, You've been with me all along.

Written by Jimmy L. Holder


Ujamaa Christian Poetry