Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Prayer of a Homeless Family Man

In a dark, lonely corner, of a big city alley,
He bowed his head in silent prayer.
Please don't let my children get discouraged,
For they are poor in clothes, but rich in courage.
Dear Lord thank you for a strong Christian wife,
She's kept us strong, even in our homeless life.
We thank you for keeping us together with love, not fear,
Although we beg for food, we praise you with cheer.
As we pray for health, and happiness, and love,
May your blessing shine on us from the Pearly Gates above.

Yes, we prayed for food, enough to feed my pregnant wife,
We will keep you near, as we pray for a new start in life.
We'll always love you, although we live in our van in dark alleys,
We pray you will lead us safely back to fertile dells and valleys.
Dear Lord, keep us in your loving arms until a better day.
Bless my family and keep them far from harms way.
Help us find a safe place to stand in honor, and sleep in peace.
As we seek Heaven, we know our Earthly blessings will increase.
We pray for your holy hand to lead our way ... each and everyday -
We thank you Lord, for allowing us to live ... just one more day.

Written by Jimmy L. Holder


Ujamaa Christian Poetry