Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mary Lynn

Mary Lynn, you don't know me,
And I do not know you.
But when I read your poetry
It broke my heart in two.

I thought back to sleepless nights,
And a gnawing ache inside,
A desperate yearning to know peace
And of countless tears I cried.

Then she came with words of hope
Which I could not believe;
She said forgiveness and sweet peace
Was mine simply to receive.

She told me o'er and o'er again
That Jesus died for me,
And trusting Him with all my heart
Would set my spirit free.

I thought her wrong-
I was too far gone-
No hope,
Was all that was there.

After many months I reached the end,
I could take no more.
Death's soothing whisper beckoned me
As it never had before.
As I mulled it over in my tortured mind,
I heard Him whispering too,
"Try Me,
      ask Me,
         trust Me,
I know just what to do."

Then I cried out in my despair
And told Him all my heart.
I told Him how I saw myself,
Of all the broken parts.

The hurt,
    the pain,
The sin,
    the shame,
The ache,
    the fear,
The empty sphere---
    That was my heart---
         Torn apart.

In the room I sensed His presence
As He leaned down close to hear,
I reached upward to the sky
And cried out "Lord, come here."

He came!
And with Him
Sweet release and peace,
Wonderful, glorious peace!

The Son brought the sun
And drove away the rain.
He filled my empty heart with joy
And wiped away the pain.

Mary Lynn, I don't know you
And you do not know me,
But He will come to you
If you ask Him to,
And set you free
As He did me.

Written by Jerrie Boos


Ujamaa Christian Poetry